Tomaž Humar--A super climber 隕歿


2006 Nepal KTM Conference

Tomaž Humar a mountaineer from Slovenia.
Mr. Tomaz Humar, Slovenian Nationality, was on solo climb to Mt. Lang Tang Lirung 2009 Expedition from 5th Oct.

The last contact Jagat had with Tomaz was on the 10-Nov at 10 : am. The conversation with Tomaz was very short and he seemed to be in a very critical condition and his voice was very weak and said " Jagat this is my last " !!
There was no contact with Tomaz after that.

Born on February 18, 1969 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, died in November 2009 while climbing on Langtang Lirung.
Tomaž Humar completed 1500 ascents, 70 of them first ascents at home and abroad.

When he explained his plan before ascending Dhaulagiri to Elizabeth Hawley, one of the greatest experts on the Himalayas and its visitors, she said: "He is crazy, but certainly not dumb."




雷霆岩初登記 1978

紀念 徐慶榮 黃仲杰